DNF-BF75 – Recycled Flexible Bollard (can be Embossed)

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DNF-BF75 – Recycled Flexible Bollard (can be Embossed)

The DeNeefe Recycled Bollard is specially designed to prevent vehicles from parking on kerbs, paths, nature strips and other areas where parking is unadvisable.

This flexible bollard can be installed at car charging stations, walkways, pedestrian ramps, cycle lanes and parking lots. It provides passive safety and pedestrian protection.

DeNeefe’s Recycled Bollard is made of non-toxic recycled materials and is non-flammable, with UV resistance. Recycled Bollard is also flexible; upon 90° impact it naturally bends and reforms back to the original shape. It has excellent resistant to external conditions including, chemicals, salt and rust. The Flexible Bollard also features ECE104 Class C compliant reflective tape.

  • Flexible Bollard EN12767:2019
  • Material vinyl nitril rubber blends, TPE
  • Integrated fibreglass grid at bending point
  • Can bend 90° without impacting the original shape
  • Can be embossed with logo as shown

Size H 730mm x Dia. 110mm  Base W 220mm Weight 4kg

Available in 5 colours

  • yellow
  • red
  • blue
  • silver
  • dark green
DNF-Bf75 - Recycled Flexible Bollard

yellow, red, blue, silver, dark green